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All You Need to Know about Throwing Axes

At The Axe Company in Glen Carbon, we invite all amateur Paul Bunyans to step up and try their hand at throwing axes. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first go at axe throwing or if you consider yourself a master of the blade – we’re here to ensure you have a safe, challenging, and fun experience!

man about to throw an axe at the axe company
Frequently Asked Questions

You’re welcome to throw casually to test your skills or compete against your rivals in a variety of games. The Axe Company has six different games we recommend, including Around the World, Blackjack, 31, Tik Tac Toe, League Play, and Timber (our version of Horse). Our crew member will demonstrate how to throw and go over the rules of each game before you start.

Our homestead is a quick drive from anywhere in the St. Louis region. We’re located at 20 B Kettle River Drive in Glen Carbon, IL. It may be a little hidden from the main drag, but we promise it’s worth the trip!

Yes – as long as you follow all of our safety guidelines. If you wear closed-toe shoes, keep the axes in the alley (and everyone else out of it), and listen to our axe instructors during your prep time, you are good to go. All throwers are required to complete our waiver form before arriving or at our front desk.

Throwers must be 8 years of age and older. Anyone 12 and under must be supervised by an adult. Close-toed shoes are required. 

Axe throwing is all about accuracy and form, so beginners can often throw just as well as their more seasoned competitors. Our crew will help you perfect your technique before your game begins. In addition, The Axe Company uses cottonwood boards, which is a softer wood that allows axes to stick easier.

Throwing axes at The Axe Company is $25 per person for a 2-hour session.

We provide everything, including close-toed shoes for rental. You are permitted to bring your own axe – our instructors will certify that it’s safe to throw at our facility.

Reservations are required (24 hours in advance) Sunday through Thursday. Walk-ins are accepted on Friday and Saturday, but reservations are encouraged to reserve your lane(s) at your preferred time.

We sell just water, soda, Gatorade, and energy drinks. Everything else is BYOB and BYOF.

Yes, you can bring beer, wine, and other similar beverages. Hard alcohol is not permitted for the safety of the players.

The Rules

We’re a pretty laid-back crew here, but to ensure every player’s safety and fun, we ask that you stick to some basic rules when throwing.

  • You must sign the axe throwing waiver online or on site.
  • Closed-toed shoes only. Seriously, we need to protect those toes!
  • Never take axes outside the plywood floor area.
    Keeps hands and fingers off fencing at all times.
  • One axe per target.
  • No stunt throwing.
  • No food or drink past tables.
  • BYOB beer/cider, hard seltzers, and wine only. Leave Jack, Jim, and all of their friends at home.
  • Intoxicated customers will not be allowed to throw.
  • 18+ only during evening hours.
  • The minimum age to throw is 12 with adult supervision.
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